Guide – Bingo or Slingo?

Do you love to play bingo online but are tired of waiting for new bingo sites to launch? We have noticed that bingo players who like to play bingo online actually also like another type of game, namely Slingo. But what is the difference between Bingo and Slingo and which game type is best for you? In this article we will guide you in the differences between online bingo and slingo.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is simply a game that you can play online, usually at an online casino. The game is like a hybrid between bingo and slots. Just like other online bingo and casino games, you can play seamlessly online on your computer or from your mobile phone. In Slingo games, they have managed to combine the best of bingo and slots. Just like in any other bingo game or slot, you can win real money in Slingo.

How do you play Slingo?

Slingo is usually played on board just like a bingo board, where you have to fill in or complete a whole line or complete the whole board. The difference is that you get these numbers as you spin on slot machines. Which also gives you the opportunity to get wilds with different types of symbols such as jokers or similar. Today there are many different types of Slingo games too choose from, with varying themes and symbols.

Why play Slingo instead of Bingo?

There is a little higher excitement in a Slingo game than a bingo game, there is more going on and you can win a little more money. The game is also designed in such a way that it can be played by anyone. It’s easy to get into and it’s much more exciting than a regular bingo game.

UK’s Best Slingo Games

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  • Slingo Fluffy Favorites
  • Slingo Super Spin
  • Slingo Frie & Ice
  • Red Hot Slingo
  • Slingo Cascade
  • Slingo Carnival