About Us

Casivo.co.uk is created by casino enthusiasts, with a genuine interest in gaming, computers, and technology, that have been working within the gambling industry for several years. By that, we know how to identify a good casino or betting site and have the confidence to make recommendations to our visitors.

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The purpose for Casivo is to guide our visitors to the best gambling sites, describing different features of gambling and to provide information regarding selected gambling sites, exclusive bonuses, read reviews and new gambling sites we find interesting.

As a rookie in the world of iGaming, it’s difficult to get your head around where to begin. We want to address this predicament and make it clear for our visitors to discover what they are looking for in one place. We are working vigorously and close with casino companies on a daily basis and our goal is to give our visitors the very best.

It is not a secret that we get commission by referring players to the gambling sites promote on our site. However, the fact that we get commission by referring customers does not change the way we review, promote or in any other way make a recommendation for a specific gambling site.

Further, we want to contribute to a more positive change in the gaming industry where quantity does not outweigh quality, and this is the reason why we have very high demands on the content being published on our site.

Observe, however, that the content on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and may be opinionated. Our ambition is to always have as accurate information as possible but since the gambling sites may edit terms and do updates without us noticing in time,  we can not guarantee that our information is 100% correct.