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Bingo is one of the most popular games to play where the majority of our population has visited a bingo hall or played online at least once. Being a social game with the chance of winning some real money it is easy to understand why it has become so popular across the country. This part of Casivo aims to guide you through the world of new bingo sites, bingo bonuses and opportunities to play bingo for free.

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Best Bingo Sites Online December 2017

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PositionBrandNew Customer BonusAdvantagesRatingPlay
Robin Hood Bingo logo
400% up to £50
+50 free spins
  • Low Wager Requirement
  • Great treats
  • T&C Apply
Ted Bingo logo
400% up to £40
  • Ted Wheel
  • Award Winner
  • T&C Apply
Moon Bingo logo
200% up to £100
+ 100 free spins
  • Great Campaigns
  • Free spins
  • T&C Apply
Swanky Bingo logo
£15 Free Bonus
Spend £10, play with £60
  • Mysterious
  • Great Promotions
  • T&C Apply
BGO logo
Deposit £10 and get 100 free candy points
No wagering requirements
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Big Games Variaty
  • T&C Apply
Big Tease Bingo logo
500% up to £200
up to 125% Reload Bonus
  • Massive Bingo Bonus
  • Cool Design
  • T&C Apply
Mecca Bingo logo
500% up to £50
  • The Biggest Bingo Site
  • Tons of Promotions
  • T&C Apply
Betway logo
300% up to £40
  • Good Live In-Play Betting
  • Several Bonuses
  • T&C Apply
Unibet logo
Spend €25 get €25 FREE!
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 40 000 live events
  • T&C Apply
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Online Bingo

Bingo games has been around for quite some time and is appreciated by millions of people across the globe. There are around 3.8 millions Britons playing it and with bingo being available online, the interest for it has increased even more. The origin of bingo are is a bit unclear, but it gained its initial wave of popularity with the first modern version of the game appearing at carnivals and fairs in the 1920s. The exact roots of bingo in the UK is a bit unclear, Bingo, or Housey as some may call it, is a game that has been played for generations and always been popular for those who were wishing to get out of the house and add a bit excitement into their lives. One of the main pillars when playing bingo is to socialize with your fellow bingo-friends without spending a fortune.

Bingo has become further popular with its online presence, and the wide range of bingo sites. Although the majority of bingo is still played in bingo halls, a large share of the UK bingo community have moved their gambling to the Internet.

Regardless if you play bingo online or in a bingo hall, you are given one or several bingo tickets that are marked with various numbers. After that, bingo balls are also marked with numbers and drawn at random where you fill in the ball that gets drawn on your bingo card. Depending on the rules for the specific bingo game you now wants to be the first one to complete your card and get a straight line of marked numbers. The fun thing with bingo is that someone participating in the game will win. At most bingo sites you can follow the progress of other players, which creates a social and fun atmosphere as it contains some elements of competing. Depending on how many participants the game has, the prize money will vary. Some games have fixed price pools and will guarantee an individual prize pot regardless of how many bingo players there is competing.

Checklist for Bingo Sites

  • A nice bingo community
  • Fun bingo games
  • Free Bingo
  • Big bingo bonuses
  • A good bingo app
  • Lots of campaigns
  • UK license
  • Slot machines available
  • Bingo Jackpots
  • Reload bonuses
  • Well known brand
  • 24/7 support
  • Fast withdrawals

Latest Bingo News

Bingo Bonuses UK

Today, you can find over a hundred of different bingo sites online. To stand out in the competition and as a nice gesture to new customers, the bingo sites tend to hand out bonuses to their new members. At most bingo sites you get your first deposit boosted so you can play for more money than you deposited. At your typical bingo sites, you will at least get your first deposit doubled while at some sites you can get it multiplied by as much as five. However, all bonuses are capped up to a certain amount that of course varies between bingo sites but tend to be around £10-£100 depending on how many percents the bonus is matched with in the first place.

As a way to prevent that players come and multiply their first deposit and then leave, bingo sites utilize something called wager requirement, which means that you must play (wager) your bonus money a few times before you can make a withdrawal. Depending on what bingo site you visit, wagering requirement varies but tend to be somewhere around three to five times the bonus money at most bingo sites. Remember, it is your responsibility to read the bonus rules for the respective bonuses on the site in question. In cases where a site offers both a free bonus and a deposit bonus, they usually are independent of each other; i.e. You still have the opportunity to take part of the deposit bonus after taking advantage of the free bonus.

The maximum bonus you can get, to what extent the deposit is matched with bonus money and the wagering requirement all affects how good the bonus is and makes it difficult to compare. Hence, we have made a general recommendation to play if the bonus is matched by 200% or more and to a wager requirement beneath five. We do not put so much importance by the maximum bonus as the focus should be on converting the bonus money to real cash and regarding the amount, the best way is to become a member at multiple bingo sites.

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

Naturally, all bingo sites want you to visit, explore and become a member at their particular bingo site. As a way to get new customers, several bingo sites hand out no deposit bonuses, which means that you get free cash that can play bingo with. However, free in this context still means that it follows with a wager requirement but since you only need to wager the bonus money 3-5 times it quite easy to make the free bonus into real cash. The amount you get for simply completing a registration is often somewhere around £5-£30 where you are free to play any bingo game you want to. By registering an account at multiple bingo sites, it is possible to make some extra cash within just a few hours.

Reload Bonuses

These kind of bonuses are used mostly used towards the bingo sites loyal customers where they get a "discounted" bonus which are only available to them over a particular time period. Some bingo sites also offer bonuses for future deposits you make. For instance that all active customers the previous week can claim a bonus the upcoming Tuesday. A reload bonus works just like a regular bonus but is not as common. Often, the reload bonuses can be smaller, e.g. 30% or 50% bonus on the deposit amount and only available during certain dates or specific weekdays.

Different Bingo Games

The charm with bingo is its simplicity where it is easy to understand the rules combined with the social aspects of competing towards other participants when playing. Today, Bingo has gotten so popular that different variations of the games have started to show up. Whichever game you choose to play, the basic principles and rules remain the same where the target is to mark as many numbers as possible on your ticket. The most significant difference between bingo games is how many balls that are used.

The most common type of game contains either 30, 75 or 90 balls where the first game mentioned, 30 ball bingo sometimes is referred to as speed bingo since the game is finished so fast.

When playing 30 ball bingo, it is most common that you have a bingo ticket of nine numbers where the first one to complete the entire ticket wins. However, the most common bingo game is 75 ball bingo which is played using a 5x5 square bingo ticket making up 25 different squares where the middle square is blank. The letters in BINGO are written above every column where different numbers belong to different letters and columns. 75 balls split over five different options makes the numbers 1-15 belong to column (B), 16-30 to column 2 (I) and so on.

If you like to mix it up a bit, 90 ball bingo is to recommend. In this game, the card normally consists of three matrices where the numbers are distributed completely random. You win by completing a vertical, horizontal and in some cases a diagonal line with numbers. However, the game does not end there as the one that gets two rows, and three rows also win some prize money.

Bingo has grown to become if not the most popular game worldwide due to its simplicity. It is easy to pick up and has been loved by people of all ages since its incipient stage. As we have mentioned, the game is played for fun, but the gambling aspect is also very popular as it adds a bit of excitement to your game. It also helps that there are jackpots and prizes, often reaching thousands of pounds which doesn't it make less attractive for the average UK player. The major factor in its huge success in today's digital age has to do with the format of the game, as it is very easy to understand and play.

Similar to online casino games, Bingo can be found on completely independent bingo sites. Just like online casinos can be completely independent or part of a larger gambling site. The advantage of becoming a member of a larger gambling portal is that you have the opportunity to try other games if interested. The advantage of purebred bingo sites is that focusing on bingo only, of which you can often count on a better gaming experience.

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