Win up to £500 in the 888 Bingo Mystery Jackpot Room

Online bingo is fun and exciting, whether you’re playing in the penny room or playing for huge prizes. There is an additional thrill involved when playing for a jackpot, as it’s a chance to win a large sum of money for a relatively low stake. That’s what we’re here to tell you about today, the 888 Bingo Mystery Jackpot Room, where you can win anywhere from £10 to £500 for as little as 10p per ticket. Keep reading to find out how it works and how you can take part.

The Mystery Jackpot Room

The Mystery Jackpot room is open between 6pm and 11pm every single day, with 51 daily games for you to get involved in. With a game every 6 minutes, you won’t have to wait around for long to start the excitement. Tickets cost just 10p, and there’s a maximum of 90 tickets per player. The best part? The jackpot amount will be revealed just 10 seconds before the game starts, so you only find out last minute what you’re playing for. It could be the maximum £500 prize!

888 bingo mystery jackpot

To recap, here’s how the mystery jackpot room works:

  • Games happen between 6pm and 11pm every day
  • There are 51 daily games with games running every 6 minutes
  • Tickets cost just 10p, and you can buy a maximum of 96
  • Prizes range from £10 to £500 in each game

Other Reasons to Play at 888 Bingo

The great news is that if you’re a completely new player at 888 Bingo, you can benefit from a huge welcome bonus. All you have to do is deposit £10 to play with £60. If you want, you can even just deposit £5, either way, you’ll get 500% of your money back as a bonus.

As well as the welcome bonus, there are regular promotions. These include free bingo games, jackpots, cash giveaways, tech prizes and so much more. There’s always something going on at 888 Bingo, so don’t miss out!