Introducing The Wheel of Jackpots at VideoSlots

Videoslots is already well known for it’s generosity, and the well-established online casino works hard to maintain the great reputation it has. Their interactivity onsite with levelling up, earning XP and cashback is no exception, but they’ve just gone one better by introducing The Wheel of Jackpots. Keep reading to find out more.

How The Wheel of Jackpots Works

The Wheel of Jackpots at Video Slots

Videoslots have 3 exclusive bonuses up for grabs; The Mega Jackpot, The Major Jackpot and The Mini Jackpot. For a chance to land one of these prizes, you need to win a spin on the Wheel of Jackpots. The Wheel of Jackpots consists of nine wheels, and you will earn a spin every time you complete an eligible achievement and win a trophy. There are 2 main ways to win a spin on the Wheel of Jackpots:

1. The XP Wheels

For every 5th XP level you complete, you will win an XP trophy which can be found under ‘my achievements’ in your account. Different XP levels will grant you spins on different wheels, with the quality increasing as your level does.

2. Playing Games

In selected games you can win trophies by completely specific achievements within the game, such as a certain number of spins, a large win, and much more. The Blue Wheel is hidden behind specific trophies, whereas the Red Wheel is accessible when you’ve completed all of the trophies.

Wheel of Jackpot Prizes

The best part about this promotion is that you’re guaranteed to land a win, but the size can vary dramatically. Ranging from free spins, battle tickets and free cash, all the way to spins on better wheels and the huge jackpot prizes. The jackpots change daily, but at the time of writing this article, they stand at:

  • Mega Jackpot – EUR 4,097
  • Major Jackpot – EUR 1,310
  • Minor Jackpot – EUR 637

So there’s plenty to play for at Videoslots, and don’t forget that all of these rewards are based on you simply spinning on your favourite games that you already enjoy, you don’t need to do anything specific or different to begin earning XP and trophies.