Usain Bolt Plays Football in Dortmund

After Usain Bolt quit his athletics and sprint career, the world-renowned athlete will change the sport. He will now bet on becoming a football player. This fall, Usain Bolt will test-play a game with Borussia Dortmund to seriously test his football skills.

That his speed will be his primary weapon as a potential professional in football will not be a shock. Bolt has repeatedly shown a great interest in playing soccer and his love for Manchester United has repeatedly been demonstrated.

Bolt Becomes a Football Player?


It is now clear that Usain Bolt will compete with the German team Borussia Dortmund. Usain Bolt has repeatedly given indications that football is an option after his athletics career has ended.

Now he will have the chance to measure his strength against some of Bundesliga’s top players. Is being the fastest human enough in today’s football to have a chance and compete on the highest level?

Many are being critical of how Bolt will handle the world of football, but himself has a clear goal. To end up playing in the Jamaican National team in football.

“I will get into the national team without any problems.”

This bold statement gave Usain Bolt to Reuters after interviewing Bolt about his possible football career. The trial training is organized by Puma, who is not only sponsor of Borussia Dortmund, but also Usain Bolt.

Many expectations

Nobody really knows what this test training that Usain Bolt will undergo with Dortmund will lead to. Maybe it will open Bolt’s doors in other clubs. A full-time contract with Borussia Dortmund feels quite far away as competition is thought to be a bit high for the 100-meter legend.

Bolt’s only weapon right now is his speed, which he can get a lot of benefits from. However, the question of which position Bolt will play is unclear. Most likely it will be an offensive position where his speed will be maximized.

Do you think he will play for a professional football club?

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