The Best Bet Offer this Premier League Season

As the football season is about to start, speculations as to which team will prevail and who will perform the least this season is getting louder and louder. The fixtures have been announced, everyone is ready. As avid fans of the sport, we have different reasons why we favor one team over another and we have a way of showing our support and belief that they are the best–through betting.

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If you’ve been betting long enough, you’d be looking for the best bet offer during the season. There are a lot of betting sites you can find over the internet but can they give you the best deals? What if you found a bet offer where it’s a sure win for you? A bet offer where you can get something every time your favoured team wins a match? Yes, that’s right. Every single time. We know that each team gets to play 38 matches in every Premier League season. Can you imagine how much free bets you can get if they win all?
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Premier League Outright Free Bet Offer

That’s what the Premier League Outright Free Bet Offer is all about. What sets this apart from all the bet offers that you can find online is the fact that you will win a £5 bet if your team wins a match this upcoming August. In addition to this amazing bet offer, you can also avail the Premier League Top Goalscorer Offer. The same criteria is applied aside from the fact that you will be now betting on a player, instead of a game, and will be earning the free £5 with every score, instead of every win.

Bet a total of £20/£10 Each Way on the Premier League 2018/2019 Outright, and receive a £5 free bet every time your team wins a Premier League match in August.

Both of these offers can be availed by making an initial bet of at least £20. Only one free bet offer is allowed per individual and you can only place your bets on Sportsbook. One important reminder to everyone availing this offer is that the free bet has an expiry. It will expire 30 days from the moment it was credited to you. That means you have 30 days to use it. If not, it will be deleted from your account and you will no longer be able to use it. Another thing to remember also is once you decide to cash in your winnings, in this offer, you are no longer qualified for the future free bets.

You may also want to hurry up because the League will start soon and by that time, the promotion ends as well. At exactly 8:00pm (UK time) on August 10, 2018, these offers will be closed.

Which team will win this year?

Will last season’s champions be able to defend their throne? Will your team prevail until the end? You’ve observed them prior to these matches. You know they have what it takes to rise to the top. What are you waiting for? Bet on them now.