McGregor joins Betsafe

The Irish star Conor McGregor has just joined as an ambassador at Betsafe under an agreement that will last at least 18 months. With exactly 4 days away to the match between McGregor and Mayweather, he is one of the most talked people on the planet right now, and surely he will get a piece of the pie from Betsafe for this ongoing collaboration.

Betsafe Conor McGregor 1024x571

How McGregor will be highlighted as an ambassador to Betsafe in various marketing contexts is still unclear, but on their blog, Betsafe is very enthusiastic about the cooperation, which writes that the collaboration will “- give you access to exclusive promotions and unforgettable experiences.”

Conor McGregor is one of the today’s greatest stars
Conor McGregor has just in a few years became one of the biggest stars. He got his first match in the UFC just four and a half years ago, and in those years since then, he has succeeded in the art of holding two world championship titles in different weight classes at the same time. At the time of writing, he is the UFC world champion in lightweight, but it is for his upcoming boxing match with Floyd Mayweather he is most talked about right now.

Betsafe is a great place to bet on the match
At Betsafe, in addition to playing all the most popular slot machines in their casino, you can also bet on all sports such as boxing, football and much more. Of course, you can bet on the boxing match that will take place on August 26th between Mayweather and McGregor with them.