Karamba’s Best Bonus

Karamba Casino has just released the news of a campaign you just can not miss. All players will have access to something called “MOUNTAIN of Freespins” and it is clear that it means a whole mountain of free spins. Climb to the top of the mountain and get up to 200 free spins!

karamba mountain of spinsKaramba’s Best Bonus

Karamba is the casino with everything and some more. Their campaigns continue to surprise us and this week, a campaign they have decided to call “Mountain of Freespins” us here. This promotion will give you as a player the chance to play and climb, and at the top of the top, you will be able to share a real striking casino bonus. As you climb, you will be able to collect 200 free spins, a mountain of free spins! Just like climbing an ordinary mountain, you need the motivation to start climbing, and there are players already registered who will be able to climb this mountain. But do not despair, Karamba has a lot of other things to look forward to and sometimes a big casino bonus for new players, as we will tell you a little bit later.

Players must have the Platinum level in their level system to start climbing, so, unfortunately, new players can not participate. If you are a part of these climbers, it is important to start on time and to join when you climb each level, so if you miss a level, you can not continue climbing. However, you will be able to climb these four levels quickly by making smaller deposits and converting into four different elected slots. Once you finish one level, you will be rewarded with free spins that will give you entry to the next level, when you complete all levels, a really fat bonus will be mentioned, which in their description is referred to as sky high, waiting for you.