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One of the most crucial things for a pleasant gaming experience is promotions, bonuses, and offers. At the best betting sites, there are new campaigns every week and sometimes every day. These may include:

  • Increased odds
  • Risk-free game
  • Insurance

Betway Plus

Betway Increased odds

An increased odds is just what it sounds like. A betting site selects odds on certain matches and raises them to increase the game value. At some gaming companies, this is available daily. Betway has, for example, “Betway Boosts” where they increase the odds of one or more matches each day.

Risk-free game

A risk-free game is a campaign where you, as a player, place a specific game and if it loses the betting page pays back your bet. Normally, it’s not an elevated odds or the like, but you as a player choose a game free but places it without risk of losing money. There may be rules on maximum bet or odds, but generally, risk free games are among the most playful campaigns.


Typically, different types of insurance are ongoing on most betting sites. These usually include stop-time insurance or multiple-choice insurance. Stop-Time protection means that a game that breaks after minute 90 is replaced with money or free bet. Multiple-Choice insurance or “acca-insurance” means that you will be replaced as a player if one of your games in a combo is bursting.

Welcome Bonus for New players

To get that little extra kick, the welcome bonus is often a useful feature. In principle, all gaming companies offer some form of deposit bonus. Some are better, others worse. But everyone is good for the experience and makes the game a bit more fun.

The most common form of welcome bonus is a match of the user’s first deposit, which means that the user has twice as much to play for from the beginning. However, it should be noted that a welcome bonus never comes without a requirement to convert bonus money into real money. One of the better betting sites and a decent welcome bonus is from Betway.

Place a Win/Draw 5-fold Acca on any football game and if one of those irritating choices lets you down Betway will compensate you with a free bet to cover your stake (up to £25).