Jetbull Offers 20% Cashback for Multiples

cashback jetbullYou have to dare to win, and of course, that is what we all are looking for. Unfortunately, it is not always as we think and we are not getting those wins every time we bet. But you do not have to be discouraged since there is a way you can get your lost money back into your account.

Cashback is an exciting alternative to a bonus as it does not have any requirements for deposits like other bonuses, it’s also a fair form of a bonus based on your gambling. In short, cashback means a bonus where you get back a certain percentage of the money that you played and lost. It’s like a patch on the wounds of the lost money, and it does not really feel so terrible when you play because you know you’ll get back a certain amount of them again, like a second chance.

20% Cashback for Multiples

At Jetbull they offer 20% cashback for multiples where they guarantee wonder for your pure passion levels. You will receive a 20% cashback up to £200 for your overall negative balance. The odds that you have lost the bet on must be 2.0 or above, and the clocks start every Monday and run the entire week with the end-date on Sunday, 23:59 GMT, each week. Minimum deposit for cashback at Jetbull is £10.

Payouts for Cashback

The payout is done once a week at Jetbull, but it can be altered depending on the rules of the online bookie. It may also happen that the gaming site offers cashback during specific periods of time and on selected games. If the betting site offers cashback once a week, it’s the week’s losses that have been collected, and a certain percentage goes back to your account. Usually, the percentage usually is somewhere around 20%, which in fact is the percentages at Jetbull. If you have not lost anything during the course of the period, there is also no refund. Let’s say you’ve played for £100 and lost £50 in one week. Then it’s 50 * 0.2 = £10 you get back in cash back. As mentioned earlier, some betting sites offer you cashback on selected games while others offer it throughout the game range. Many operators have a maximum amount of bonus paid out.