Explore the Wheel of Rizk

Maybe you have heard about the new up and coming online casino Rizk that not only has gotten popularity due to their fun TV-Commercials featuring Hollywood actor Kevin Dillion but mainly due to their in-house developed slot machine called Wheel of Rizk.

At Rizk, every new customer gets the opportunity to try the exclusive slot at least once. The best thing with the mysterious slot is that you win every time you spin it. Another great thing with the slot machine is what you win. On this slot, you can win anything from super spins worth up to £3 per spin to bonuses and depending on what level you have on the casino exclusive merchandise such as iPhones and iPads and in some cases even free holidays.

When you are logged in to Rizk, you can follow your progress to your next spin in a power bar visible on your page. When getting new milestone levels such as 5, 10 and so on you will be able to try a new spin where the prizes increase depending on what level you are. To gain levels, all you need to do is play as normal where every real money wager will take you closer to a new spin.