Emojiplanet only with Mr Green

Emojiplanet, whose official release date is August 24th, was released exclusively at Mr. Green. According to our experience, when a casino gets such exclusive access to a game, it is never used for promotions or marketing purposes, something we assumed to be a rule not to ruin the relationship between NetEnt and other casinos. Not this time!

Reel Thrill with double winnings and bonuses in the Emojiplanet

emojiplanet mr green 300x300Mr. Green’s Reel Thrill is a tournament concept where you every fifteen minutes can join completely free and get the opportunity to increase your winnings with a casino bonus in the form of free spins.

In fifteen minutes, you will spin in the current tournament game chosen, and Mr. Green will save your best 20 games in a row. The winnings that you scraped together are then divided by the total bets in the same rounds, so the main players will not dominate, and when the fifteen minutes are over, free spins are awarded to the top five players.

All winnings and losses during the tournament run just as usual so the only thing that differentiates this from playing, as usual, is that you can win a little extra. The game for each tournament varies, and usually, there are 190 free spins in the pot but every hour until 9th ​​of August the tournament will go to the Emojiplanet with doubled number of free spins in the pot (380).

Uncomfortable Times

Between the 10th and 16th of August, Mr. Green’s casino prize will be further appreciated in the tournaments in the Emojiplan, which runs between 17:00 and 23:00. The regular price structure is retained, but the top 10 players also get 90 free spins extra each. Between 17th to 23rd August, there are 500 free spins in the pot all the Emojiplanet Reel Thrills. These tournaments are running round the clock, and in “uncomfortable times,” such as early mornings, the number of participants is often ridiculously low, making it relatively easy to take home the free rounds.