Casumo Reel Races

Casumo has taken on the tough task to eliminate boredom, and we dare to say they are about to succeed. With an impressive bonus, a great casino and fun casumos in various shapes that guide you to the games and all the contests and promotions available, Casumo is one of the casinos we recommend!

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Something for those who want to feel the adrenaline, excitement at the same time you will have the chance to win extra money! We recommend Casumo Reel races, which means that all players involved in the contest are given the same amount of spin, a fairly high amount that is expected to last for a limited period, often around 20 minutes. Winning is done by getting the most amount of bonus games over the time period, and it goes fast. For the best chance of winning, we recommend using the auto-spin feature, which increases the chance of spinning all of their spins.

Real Races are available 24 hours a day where a new race takes place almost every half hour. One can say that the winner in each race wins twice. Winning multiple bonus games means, by definition, that you pay home a lot, in addition to getting their winnings topped with what you win for the race itself is a good bonus in itself. The prices for the different competitions vary, where you can compete for £2000 extra each night at 8 PM.

If you are not a Casumo customer, in addition to fun competitions, you will find a welcome bonus that gives new members £1200 in bonus and 200 free spins, of which you get 20 of them already after registration, without the need to deposit any money. As an established casino with many members, Casumo can really beat the big drums as it will spread bonuses and offer higher prices than most other UK casino sites.