Cash Out – All You Need to Know


Just like the TV advertisement, you can use Cash Out to get your winning earlier than expected, or get back a portion of the bet if the outcome is against you – before the result is determined.

Cash Out offers are made; in real time on your current games and are based on current market prices. To use Cash Out, just press the yellow button.

For example, you bet £10 on double Norwich (6/4 or 2.5) and Liverpool (1/2 or 1.5). Norwich wins, and the Liverpool match is starting. The Cash Out offer is £24. Click on Cash Out to get a guaranteed win even if Liverpool loses. The £24 will be refunded to your account immediately without having to wait for the Liverpool match to end.

When can I use Cash Out?

Cash Out is available in hundreds of markets, and if your market is included, Cash Out offer will be displayed as soon as the event goes live. Multiple games or accumulators occur; This as soon as the first choice on the coupon goes live.

Why is the Cash Out offer blocked?

When a market is blocked, e.g., when a goal is made, Cash Out is temporarily blocked.

Why is there a delay on my Cash Out?

Some events use delays to ensure that customers at these events do not receive unfair advantages over customers watching it on TV.

Why did not my Cash Out succeed?

Cash Out is not always offered. If market prices fluctuate sharply, your Cash Out may not go through; If your Cash Out succeeds, you will receive a message confirming it. If it does not go through, you will receive a new offer for Cash Out.

Why does not my Cash Out page appear?

Cash Out is available in hundreds of markets but not all. To check if Cash Out is available for your game:

  • Make sure all markets have a Cash Out icon next to it
  • Make sure that the insert does not have choices that affect each other, such as “both teams to score goals” and “over 2.5 goals

When do I get my money if I use Cash Out?

When a Cash Out succeeds, all winnings will be refunded to your account immediately.

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