Betting Tips Tennis: Rafael Nadal – Daniil Medvedev 30/1

It’s time for the first Grand Slam final of the year! After a fantastic tournament, Medvedev and Nadal will now settle for the coveted title. Can Rafa solve another Grand Slam in the Australian Open? This is what we think:

Nadal has played unexpectedly well

There has been talk that Nadal is finished, he will never again have the chance to win a Grand Slam, etc. But now he is here, in the final of this year’s first Grand Slam. It is an incredible achievement after last years foot injury and many canceled tournaments. It’s now a opportunity for him to win his 21st grand slam, that would put him on top of the podium for most grand slam wins in history. Not that it comes as a surprise to anybody that Nadal is a legend already, but if he wins this title he is one of the absolute best ever!

His game has been stable throughout the tournament, and it has not been possible to see him affected by the injury that stopped him last season. Now, however, he meets a young and hungry player who many say is the one who will take over from Federer, Nadal and Djokovic when it’s time for these noble gentlemen to put their rackets on the shelf.

Medvedev is amazing

There is not much to say, in recent seasons Medvedev has gone from strength to strength, he has climbed the ranking system and is currently in second place after Mr. Djokovic. Who unfortunately was not allowed to participate in this year’s tournament. Medvedev already has a grand slam title but can thus double his holding to two Grand Slams this Sunday. He has not had any major problems in the Australian Open so far, although Tsitsipas gave hime a rough game it ended 3-1. A pretty clear and convincing victory if you ask us.

He looks good, but something that can hinder him somewhat is that he gets so incredibly pissed when things do not go his way. It can be a difficult day for Daniil if he doesn’t find a way to stay calm and focused on the good instead of the bad.

Today’s betting tips from Casivo

It is difficult to say how it will go in the upcoming final. According to the bookies, Medvedev is a big, big favorite. We understand how they are thinking, of course, but we still think Nadal has a greater chans of winning than the one the odds say.

With Nadals experience and now that he is completely injury free, he can beat any player in the world. He might just manage to run past Federer and Djokovic in the most won Grand Slam titles ever. Just the thought of that gives him all the motivation he needs.

  • Therefore, I choose to bet that Nadal wins the Australian Open at a nice odds of 2.55 at 888 Sport.


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