"Betfair is a bookie where players themselves decide the odds and thus distinguish Betfair from other gaming companies. When the players set the odds, this usually results in higher odds than with the more traditional gaming companies."
30 Free Spins
No Wager Requirement Applies

At Betfair, you play against other players, not against the gaming company. Do you believe in a particular team in a particular match, your game is set against someone else who has played on the opponents team. You and your “opponent” determine the odds by selecting one of the current fixed odds or setting their optional odds.

Betfair also called The Sporting Exchange Ltd, registered in England and Wales. The company was established in 1999, has its seat in both the UK and since 2011 also in Gibraltar where they now also have bookmakers permission. This means that they are no longer under the laws and regulations in force in England and Wales, where the company was registered before 2011.


The bonus at Betfair is something you should not miss. The welcome bonus at Betfair is 50% up to £100. If you deposit £200, you will receive £100 for free and thus have £300 to play for. To take advantage of the total offer you need to use the bonus code and deposit at least £200. To participate in the offer, you need to use the bonus code ZSKABK and deposit at least £10.

This bonus must be converted three times and also at odds of at least 1.2. At Betfair, you have two different welcome bonuses to choose from, but you only can to choose one. So think carefully before and remember the correct bonus code!


Betfair’s variety is great, and you can play in lots of leagues and matches all over the world. Also, you are offered games in several different markets, i.e., games such as “In-Play” or “Next Goal.”

 A unique aspect of Betfair is also that you as a player can ask for odds that are better than those offered. This is done by raising the exit odds, then waiting for someone else to match your “new” odds. Your game will only be accepted after someone has accepted your odds. Betfair takes the game to a new level because it is the players who decide the odds and ultimately also play against each other. The odds at Betfair differ from other gaming companies when you play when an event is coming or will not occur. For example, you can then decide if the match will end a draw or if it will not end with a draw.

Deposit and withdrawals

Betfair offers several different options for deposit and withdrawal. The different payment methods vary depending on the country in which you play. The following deposit methods are offered from the UK; Card payment such as VISA and Mastercard, Check, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal.

When making a withdrawal, you must first make a transfer using the payment method and amount you previously made a deposit with. It’s a security feature by the gaming company, and that’s something most companies have. But once it’s done, you can choose different payment methods of payment. Sometimes Betfair takes out a deposit and withdrawal, all of which can be found under My Account.

Betfair has the same service as regards deposit and withdrawals as the other players in the industry. They have built up a stable service to make it safe to pay and receive payments through them. Just like when you play with other companies, it’s important that you check in advance what’s going on. If you need help with this, you will find all the answers in their help center.

Customer Service

Betfair has a really good and stable customer service center. Their offers several different opportunities to contact if it would be something strange or if you have questions. First and foremost, they have a good questionnaire where you can see previously asked questions and answers to the most common questions. Often you may wonder about deposits and withdrawals, bonuses, offers or account issues and they are listed there for different topics.

Via their telephone service, you can get answers too. The opening hours are between 10:00 and 18:30 and before you get the number you have to fill in what is the case, so that you get the right phone support and faster help. When you get the number you will also have the option, to see answered via previously asked questions. Smart build support by Betfair. But it is not only via phone but also via email via which they guarantee answers within 24 hours. All honors for Betfair’s well-worked and professional support.


Betfair has developed services such as live betting, live scoring games in the mobile but above all their live streaming, or live video as they call it. In their live streaming offer, you will find soccer, tennis, racing and much more. They also provide a casino and poker section, with a variety of games to play. On top of it all, as we mentioned before, the players are the ones who sets the odds. Big plus!

Casino Bonus

30 Free Spins
No Wager Requirement Applies

Sportsbook Bonus

50% up to £100
Bonus Code ZSKABK

Bingo Bonus

£10 Free Cash

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