Betfair Bingo Hours

There are many ways to play bingo and Betfair is one the best operators out there who can offer you the very best. Right now you can play in featured rooms all month for enhanced prizes. Betfair is giving away a guaranteed £1,000.

betfair bingo 300x237You can play a different kind of bingo, for instance, 90-Ball Bingo. 90-Ball Bingo is the most common form of bingo, and it is played with balls numbered from one to 90. The tiles consist of three rows of five numbers in each. There may be prizes for one line, two lines and full tray (all three rows). Betfair offers the following variants of this game:

  • Speed Bingo (faster, the games last for about a minute)
  • Deal or No Deal Bingo (the winner on full tray receives a secret box with a number, an offer from the box just like in the popular TV show and must choose between the two)
  • Roll On Bingo (The game continues when the first person has a full score until more people get a full score)
  • Lucky Numbers Bingo (choose three tournaments, and if you match one, two or three numbers with the balls drawn when someone wins in a row, two rows or full tray, you win the tournament jackpot)

How to qualify for the promotion for £1000 Bingo Hours?

You can do this by simply login to your account, or if you need to create one, that will work as well. You will then have a sign-up bonus on top. The promotions run from Thursday 1st of June – Friday 30th of June.

What are the featured rooms and times?
Helter Skelter: 6pm – 7pm
The Big Wheel: 7pm – 8pm & 9pm – 10pm
Rainbow Riches Bingo: 8pm – 9pm
DOND 90: 10pm – 11pm